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The Co-stars

Eve Bridger


Before the age of ten, she had sung solo in the Royal Festival Hall in London and completed in Eisteddfods throughout Wales, winning the senior solo voice blue ribbon. She left Wales to settle in Singapore where she finally turned professional being booked as resident singer at the prestigious Cockpit Hotel. That, in turn, led her to her own television show and appearances in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Eventually she returned home and her career in the UK blossomed, appearing regularly on television shows supporting major artistes like Cannon and Ball, Les Dawson, Bob Monkhouse and many more. Now resident in East Anglia she works summer seasons at home, whilst the winter months see her traveling all over the world, cruising for the Princess and Dolphin Line ships sailing from Miami to the West Indies. Judging from the weight of her diary, the lady is very much in great demand, the bench mark of a quality performer.

Matthew Kinross


Currently working round East Anglia as a Stage Hypnotist, deals with audiences with humour and real style and his naturally funny nature make his shows a treat to watch. He currently plays in a cabaret band 'Forever Free' in which he plays lead guitar. Norfolk born Matthew fits into playing the role of a Norfolk Det. Sergeant Coates perfectly. His main hobbies are shooting, fishing and cricket.

David Canova


David has been in show business since leaving the army aged 23. That’s 45 years without a day job! As a cabaret artiste he has done over 7,000 shows everywhere, here and abroad. Played virtually every quality hotel in the UK and many fine theatres, and has appeared in many TV productions such as ‘The Chief’, ‘Lovejoy’ etc. and has broadcast times without number. He has managed many fine artistes. Author and playwright of course (he wrote ‘The Golden Girl’). David has done it all in his day seen and/or worked with all the top people in the business.

A synopsis to help you decide whodunnit!!

Dawn Richards is a star vocalist on the British Cabaret circuit. The Hollywood film company Lion Paramount are about to make a musical of the hit Broadway show 'The Golden Girl', a hundred million dollar production. The producers of the film wanted an 'unknown' mature British vocalist to play the lead. After auditioning hundreds of women in London, the fabulous part has been given to Dawn. She is set to become an international star and a millionairess. She flies out to Los Angeles to start rehearsals and filming next week. Following release of the film she has been contracted to record the 5 big hit numbers from the show, these will sell by the millions. Ted Williams is Dawn's manager, or he was because their contract expires in 14 days. Having managed Dawn for 25 years, and having taken her career this far, Ted is being cast aside as Dawn is appointing a new manager in San Francisco. Whilst it is obvious that Ted would be 'out of his league' in the USA, he is very bitter at his rejection. Just as his artiste is about to become rich and famous, Ted will have no share of the riches abroad. - Is this cause for murder?

Megan Jones is in tonight's audience. She is the understudy for Dawn's film role. Dawn beat Megan in the final audition before the film producers. Of course the Welsh woman knows that if anything happened to Dawn, then she, (Megan) would star in the film. Would Megan murder for ambition?

Tony Clarke is also here tonight. He is Megan's manager for another 14 years on contract. How he would love to have his artiste the star of the film. He would make millions having sole rights to 20% of Megan’s income. Tony is facing bankruptcy and he is an addictive gambler. He owes £100,000 to two casino owners who are putting on the pressure with threats of violence. If only Megan were to get the part, Tony would be able to settle his debts, get out of trouble and become rich beyond his dreams. Would fear of the future entice Tony to kill?

Mike Richards is a really nasty piece of work. He is Dawns husband. Since they married 24 years ago he has become a drug addict, as well as a drug pusher. His police record is long and he has been to prison. Over the last 2 years Mike has become mentally unstable and violent towards Dawn, of whom he is insanely jealous. Dawn recently left him and is suing for divorce. He knows dawn has formed an intimate relationship with a millionaire and life is on the up. Mike is somewhere in the audience. Would jealousy of his wife having another man, and his wife's ensuing fame totally turn his mind to the darkest deed of all? Why did he come tonight?

The Waitress. What part does she play in tonight's happenings? Is she guilty or an innocent party? Is she what she seems, or is she mysterious?

The Doctor. Surely a medical man can have no hand in events, or can he? Is he as innocent as he seems?

Detective Sergeant Coates of the local CID has just won £1,000 on the lottery. He spent £100 of it to bring his wife for a dinner cabaret here at the Savoy Hotel to celebrate their wedding anniversary. He came as he thought he was 'off duty', but suddenly he alone has to solve the mystery. He wants promotion in the force and if he can arrest the murderer and solve the crime before senior officers arrive, it will bode well for his career.

So we see there are those who would wish Dawn ‘out of the way’. Will she be dispatched tonight? If so, by whom, and for what reason? How could an artist be murdered before an audience whilst on stage without the entire audience seeing how it was done?

This fabulous dinner play takes us ‘backstage’ as Dawn prepares for her last cabaret in Britain before flying Over to Hollywood. The real drama occurs in the cabaret room itself. The script and acting are to West End standard. Of course there is much more than we can say here. Goings on during dinner, red herrings and genuine clues abound, how to sort them out? Can you beat Detective Sergeant Coates to solving the crime? If you can, you win a bottle of Champagne presented by Eve Bridger. Study the enclosed ‘Whodunit’ card.

One last word, things are not as simple as they seem..... !

David Canova © 1997. All rights reserved.

Any names or characters similar to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

If you cannot solve the mystery, book the evening and find out what happened, you'll die laughing!!!



Dawn Richards dressing room backstage at London's Savoy Hotel.



‘The Blue Room’ at the Savoy. Star cabaret with Dawn Richards.

Music - Song - Comedy - Straight Acting - Farce - A Murder Mystery

Audience Participation - Gifts and Prizes - Superb Cabaret and Laughter

All are elements (delightfully mixed) of the totally unique and superb dinner evening. The production is simply ‘as good as it gets’ from the scripts to the performances. All a booker needs to provide is a dinner and an audience. We take theatre into the dining room. The Principals in the cast (all top artistes in their own right) love performing the evening which is superb fun for everyone.

Who murdered Dawn......? Ah, that would be telling....... Book us and find out!!

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