Matthew`s act is about 60 minutes self contained,PA system etc. will be brought to the venue and will be set up at lest one hour before the show is due to start. All the venue provides is the chairs

A small Disco can be provided


  • 5 minutes giving a chat about how hypnosis works and what it actually is and calling for volunteers

  • 10 minutes showing a full clinical hypnotic induction live on microphone ( amazing sight )

  • 40 minutes of routines most original to Matthew

  • 5 minutes waking volunteers

  • Thank you and goodbye

Matthew has worked in the insurance industry for 15 years,.his hobbies are shooting, fishing, playing cricket. He also plays lead guitarist in a cabaret band ‘Forever Free’. Matthew spent a year with a top hypnotherapist David Canova MBA thHTWFA and has been fully trained in all aspects of hypnosis. Matthew is currently in is sixth year as a professional hypnotist and has successfully completed summer seasons in many different holiday camps, he is currently the most regular working hypnotist act in East Anglia. His success has been achieved by his high quality standards, portraying hypnosis in a clean fun way, Matthew always performs in a dinner suit, that gives a touch of class to any venue.A full colour A2 posters with his picture on them , are sent to the venue, to advertise the event and most shows are filmed making a lovely souvenir of the show and adding real value. Being the most competitive priced stage hypnotist in the country, makes Matthew affordable to any venue, from small clubs, right through to large quality cabarets. The act has no bad language, racist or sexist material, which makes the show ideal for all ages and good clean entertainment.

Matthew always stays behind for a least an hour after the show to talk to guest about all aspects of hypnosis, which proves very popular, as he has a fun loving, happy personality and is a nice guy with a certain hypnotic charm.

He is a fully paid up member of Equity